2019 -2020 Workshops

Request for Proposal: Workshop Hosts and Facilitators


Who We are:

Suffer Out Loud is a local organization with a mission to reduce suicide rates in Montana. Our goal is to serve as the bridge that connects those who are suffering to the resources they need and to change the stigma associated with mental illness to reduce suffering in silence.

Mental Wellness Workshop Schedule:

Workshops are held once each month on a weekday evening; with the exception of the months July and December.

Workshop Details:

The purpose of Suffer Out Loud’s monthly workshops are to make talking about mental illness more approachable. We want to educate the local community on different options for mental wellness.

Examples of past workshops include:

  • Yoga and meditation

  • Counseling and Neurofeedback

  • Finding your purpose

  • Acupuncture

We welcome a variety of topics related to mental wellness. Suffer Out Loud will market the event to the local community and provide refreshments for the attendees.


Location of the workshop will be depend on the topic. If the presenter does not have a location, we will help them secure one.


  • Electronic invitation to our contact list.

  • We will submit the event to Bozone.com and Bozemanevents.com

  • Posts and event on the Suffer Out Loud Facebook Page

  • An invite listing on our Meet Up Group

  • Opportunity to display marketing materials at the workshop

Proposal Submissions:

The Suffer Out Loud board is accepting submissions for workshop hosts.

Submissions are ongoing - All submissions and questions must be submitted via e-mail to info@sufferoutloud.org

Proposal Requests:

Proposal must include:

  • 1-2 Paragraphs describing the workshop (please try to be as descriptive as possible about what you will educating the group on or demonstrating)

  • 1 Paragraph biography of the host/facilitator

  • Availability: Please let us know what month(s) you’re able to host

Selection of Workshop Hosts

Suffer Out Loud will engage in workshop hosts/facilitators that meet the mission of the organization and the interest of our community. Workshops are made possible through the generous donation of the time and expertise of our hosts.