Our workshops build community and offer a place for it to be okay to Suffer out Loud. We currently provide workshops on a regular basis in our immediate community, making use of the generous people in our personal networks. We are expanding these workshops geographically to have a reach into the more rural areas of the state. The goal of the workshops is to introduce people to various tools for navigating the pressures of our world. They also normalize talking about mental health and stress, which can have an impact on the isolation that is often a factor in suicide ideation

Are you interesting in hosting a workshop? Review our RFP here.

Resource Distribution

We supply Montana businesses, individuals and organizations with mental health resource postcards. We believe that everyone should have these resources at their fingers tips to ensure they have options to call, text or online chat with someone during a difficult time. Email us at to request this tangible resource. Visit our Resources page to view mental health resources now.

A Safe place to share your story

Members of our community share their mental health stories on our social media accounts and on our blog. Adding your story to the collection may reach someone who needs to feel less alone. It may make someone feel like it’s okay to say “I’m not well, I need help”. Sharing your story will help to change our culture and make it okay to Suffer Out Loud. Get more information on how to share your story here: Tell Us Your Story

We currently open up scholarships one time each quarter. Each individual scholarship will cover 100% of the cost for 12 sessions with a licensed mental health professional. Individuals will be granted scholarships on a first come, first serve basis. When all spots are filled the application process will close. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page for upcoming open application announcements.

Mental Health Care Scholarships