Board Spotlight: Lori Jo Berg

Lori Jo grew up on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Wolf point, MT and her time there helped fuel her passion for helping people - both physically and mentally. Lori Jo is grateful to be a part of the team at Suffer Out Loud and believes that together, a difference can be made.  She stands behind their mission to reduce suicide rates in MT and looks forward to the journey. She resides in Bozeman with her husband, Trent,  and two children Hazel and Violet.

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She Passed Away Unexpectedly

I clearly remember sitting at the funeral home making arrangements for my sister’s funeral. We had to pick the songs that we would sing, the scripture that would be read, and who the paul bearers would be. I didn’t really care about any of these things as I sat there. I just wanted my parents to make the choices that would bring them comfort.