National Suicide Prevention Month: We Need Action

Bryna is an inspiring member of our Suffer Out Loud community. She speaks openly and honestly about mental health and is passionate about ending the stigma associated with mental health. Please help her message reach our Governor Steve Bullock. He needs to hear stories like hers and acknowledge the crisis going on in Montana. We have the highest suicide rates in the nation and not nearly enough resources to meet the need:

Most of us in today’s world know someone or are that someone that suffer from a mental illness. As a lot of you know I suffer from anxiety and this year have been diagnosed with OCD. My dad has OCD as well. Luckily for me and my dad we can lean on one another and our families! 
Did you know that Montana has the highest suicide rate in the nation? This breaks my heart! We need funding to support the programs out there and for new ones to come. Mental health needs to be looked at as physical all coincides. 
I want to be part of the change to end the stigma on mental health. I want to support other Montana communities in this fight. I want others to join me in this fight. 
I’m asking all my friends and others who read this post to help me get the attention of our Governor Steve Bullock. So I can hopefully meet with him and share mine and my families story of mental health and the lack of help here in Montana. (And the country!) So please like and share!

You can share Bryna's post here: Bryna's Story