10 Tips for Talking to a Person Thinking About Suicide

f you’ve a family member, friend, or someone else in your life that appears to be thinking about suicide, suffering from suicidal ideations, you naturally will want to reach out to that individual. You may wonder about how you can go about talking to a person who is laboring under suicidal ideations. There are 10 tips that you will want to consider following to talk a loved one struggling with thoughts of suicide.

National Suicide Prevention Month: We Need Action

Bryna is an inspiring member of our Suffer Out Loud community. She speaks openly and honestly about mental health and is passionate about ending the stigma associated with mental health. Please help her message reach our Governor Steve Bullock. He needs to hear stories like hers and acknowledge the crisis going on in Montana. We have the highest suicide rates in the nation and not nearly enough resources to meet the need: